SNCB recruits over 1,000 new ticket inspectors

SNCB recruits over 1,000 new ticket inspectors

HR Rail, the railway personnel employer, has already recruited 1,300 new employees for the SNCB, which is nearly three quarters of the 1,750 expected by the railway company, it announced on Friday.

The main positions for which new workers are being or have still to be recruited are ticket inspectors and on-board staff, but also those jobs requiring prospective candidates with technical profiles.

Among the new faces "figure 230 candidates for on-board jobs out of the 300 the SNCB counts on recruiting this year. Their presence on the ground will makes itself felt in the weeks and months to come, to the extent that these new colleagues will be appearing at the end of their training. More than three quarters of the 360 train conductors required have also been selected," HR Rail stipulated in a press release, when two strikes were set in motion this summer by the SIC union to condemn the recurrent lack of on-board train staff and the problems the latter experienced because of this in taking their holidays during the summer period.

The SNCB and HR Rail are pursuing their search for talent and will be organising various recruitment events in the autumn, like "Meet & Greet", "Jobdays" and other information presentations.

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