Belgian police uniform on sale in Portuguese shop

Belgian police uniform on sale in Portuguese shop

A Belgian police officer on holidays made a startling discovery after he found a police polo shirt on sale in a Portuguese shop for only 10 euros, even though old uniforms must be destroyed.

On footage shared on social media, a Belgian police polo with its flaming blue logo can be seen hanging from a clothing rack with a sign pinned on top reading "SALE: All for 10 euro."

The officer, who shared the footage on a police Facebook group, said the item was almost certainly the real thing, according to HLN.

While some group members reacted to their colleague's discovery with humour, with one commenting: "Now I understand why I have to wait so long for my gear — our bosses shop in Portugal," the discovery is likely the result of a careless and unlawful action.

"There is only one correct way to discard old police clothing," Nicholas Paelinck of the Permanent Commission of Local Police VCLP told the outlet. "It must be returned to a chief of police so that it can be burned by a specialised company."

"We cannot allow police attire to end up in a black circuit," he added, referring to the efforts made to avoid law enforcement uniforms ending up in the wrong hands.

Those who sell or lend a police uniform are subject to fines and criminal prosecution, risking jail time of between one to eight days and a penalty of up to 50,000 euros.

Anyone found wearing a police uniform or any item with the police logo without the proper status or authorisation can also risk a fine of up to 1,000 euro.

Gabriela Galindo

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