'Go back to your country': xenophobic messages scratched on woman's car

'Go back to your country': xenophobic messages scratched on woman's car
A woman's car was scratched overnight in an incident she has denounced as racist. Credit: Maryam Aliya/Facebook

A woman's car in West Flanders was completely covered in scratches in what the driver is calling a racist incident after the message "go back to your country" was scratched on her vehicle.

The woman, identified as Maryam Aliya, snapped pictures of her damaged vehicle and shared them online in an attempt to expose the incident and with the hope of finding the vandals, according to HLN.

The images show the message "go back to your country" scratched in capital letters on the hood of the black BMW, as well as scratches on the sides and trunk of the vehicle.

"Our car is completely covered in deep scratches, the sides, the doors, the trunk," she said on Facebook. "There is even a glass bottle between the rims," she added.

The incident took place overnight in the town of Roeselare, with Aliya discovering her scratched vehicle early on Thursday, after she said it had been parked there from 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM.

Aliya is putting out a call through the social network for any potential witnesses of the incident to share information, calling the incident "pure undiluted racism."

"A person learns the language, is fully integrated, goes to school and works very hard to buy such a car and then someone does something like this, purely out of blind hatred," she wrote.

Gabriela Galindo

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