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    New green energy plan announced by Antwerp warehouse company 

    Solar panels. Credit: ThePictureBox/ Pixabay.

    An Antwerp based warehouse company has announced plans to cover 90% of its electricity needs with green energy.

    The green energy will be generated by 3,800 solar panels, a large battery, and several charging stations, all of which will be installed by Energie Electrabel, a Brussels based energy firm, who will work in collaboration with the warehouse company, Luik Natie.

    The €2 million project will increase the warehouse’s production of green electricity from 66% to 90%, according to CEO Stefaan Verhelst, reported New Mobility.

    The solar panels will produce electricity equivalent to the yearly use of 335 households and the battery will provide energy equivalent to 3,000 bicycle batteries.

    In 2015, Luik Natie was the first in Flanders to introduce a smart wind turbine on its site.

    In the future, the CEO hopes to cover 95% of the companies electricity needs with green energy.

    Evie McCullough
    The Brussels Times