Suspect arrested for squat fire in Brussels

Suspect arrested for squat fire in Brussels
The fire on the end of Rue Haute. Credit: Maxim Stollenwerk

A man believed to have started a fire in a squat on Rue Haute in Brussels in early August has been arrested.

The squat, located at the intersection of the Rue des Alexiens and Rue Haute, caught fire around 9:30 PM on 10 August. A charred body, the identity of which has not yet been confirmed, was found among the debris by a firefighter.

"A suspect with the initials IC was charged and placed under detention because of arson," said public prosecutor Willemien Baert. "The motive is being investigated," added Baert, reported La Capitale.

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Credit: Maxim Stollenwerk

The suspect is believed to be of Romanian nationality and it is thought that he lived with the victim in the squat.

The public prosecutor has yet to confirm this information.

Evie McCullough

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