Savoury waffle shop opens Friday in Brussels

Savoury waffle shop opens Friday in Brussels

Brussels is set to get a new waffle shop touting savoury recipes by star chef Yves Mattagne, which aims to “revisit” parts of Belgian food culture and make the waffle a meal.

Gaufres & Waffles, which will open on Friday in the Brussels Royal Gallery, is aiming to set itself apart from the crowd with its take on the single item menu.

The shop aims to show the gourmet side of the waffle, making it a meal rather than a snack or a dessert.

While the Brussels Waffle is already well known among tourists and locals for adventurous toppings, the savoury side is less explored. Options range from Tartare to Lobster, with sweet options on the menu as well (pineapple, chocolate, apples or blueberries).

“We want to revisit one of the riches of the Brussels food culture”, said the press release.

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