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    Laughing gas canisters spotted for sale in Kortrijk night shop

    The use of laughing gas as a recreational drug has become increasingly popular in Belgium, especially in Flanders. Credit: ProMo-Cymru/ Flickr.

    A photograph has revealed that a night shop in Kortrijk is selling laughing gas canisters, which can be used by teenagers to get high, at its sweet counter.

    Laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, which is commonly used for inflating balloons or whipping cream, has become an increasingly popular recreational drug in Belgium in recent years.

    Belgium’s Burn Foundation has expressed frustration at the revelation that the shop in Kortrijk is selling laughing gas, reports VRT.

    “It’s dangerous,” said a spokesperson of the foundation, “especially if you do it regularly. Kortrijk city council must intervene,” the spokesperson added.

    “Open a metal cartridge and it’s ice cold. You can burn your hands, your legs or your mouth” said Stefaan Lauwaert of the Burns Foundation. “The cartridges can be used for whipped cream, but we all know they have another purpose too. I hope the night shop will remove them,” Lauwaert added.

    Regular use of laughing gas is dangerous and can cause damage to the nervous system and the brain.

    Evie McCullough
    The Brussels Times