Brexit: MEPs in favour of deadline extension under specific circumstances

Brexit: MEPs in favour of deadline extension under specific circumstances
At a plenary session in Strasbourg on Wednesday, MEPs voted in favour of adopting a new resolution. Credit: TeaMeister/Flickr.

MEPs adopted a resolution on Wednesday at a plenary session in Strasbourg affirming that the European Parliament is in favour of allowing an extension to the current Brexit deadline provided that it would be for a specific purpose.

The European Parliament would "support an extension of the period provided for in Article 50 if there are reasons and a purpose for such an extension," the resolution explains.

An extension would be allowed only on the condition that it was justified and had a specific purpose, "such as to avoid a ‘no-deal exit’, to hold a general election or a referendum, to revoke Article 50, or to approve a withdrawal agreement," the text explained.

In addition, the resolution confirmed the European Parliament's belief that the withdrawal agreement is fair and balanced.

MEPs re-established in the resolution that the withdrawal agreement, as the means to allow for such an orderly exit of the UK from the EU, is fair and balanced."

The UK parliament passed a law in September requiring the British government to request an extension of the Brexit deadline to avoid a no-deal outcome.

On 5 September, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would "rather die" than delay Brexit again.

Evie McCullough

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