Museum pass holders now able to buy half price train tickets

Museum pass holders now able to buy half price train tickets
Arkhane, positioned in a natural hunting position at the Museum for Natural Sciences. Credit: © Museum for Natural Sciences

Owners of a museum pass will now be able to buy five return train tickets a year at half price thanks to a collaboration with rail operator SNCB announced on Friday.

Up to now, 70,000 people have bought the pass. At its inception, it gave access to 100 museums, but now opens the doors to 165 premises. "And the list hasn't stopped growing: (...) some big names that had not yet joined the scheme will shortly be unveiled," he promised.

Delighted by the museumPASSmusées' popularity, its head Julie Van der Heyden hopes that eventually "500,000 Belgians will use the pass to visit museums, which would have a positive effect on the range in this sector, already very diversified up until now."

The new venture with the SNCB should help. "A recent inquiry showed that museum lovers often travel by public transport," according to the team. In real terms, pass holders will be able to obtain five half-price return train tickets a year.

Everyone would be a winner, according to the two parties. "The SNCB is offering specific terms and conditions to encourage them and has already concluded various partnerships in the cultural sector over the past few years and that is bearing fruit," Marc Huybrechts, Marketing & Sales Director at the SNCB, stated.

The museumPASSmusées therefore offers 165 museums and 253 exhibitions for a yearly cost of 50 euro, including access not only to the BELvue Museum, the Royal Army Museum, Autoworld, Train World and the Villa Empain, but also to many museums throughout Belgium, including such varied establishments as the Museum of the Strawberry in Wepion or the Pharmacy in Maaseik.

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