Brothers risk prison sentences of 18 and 12 years for burglary with violence

The public prosecutor’s office in Luxembourg on Thursday requested prison sentences of 12 and 18 years at the Neufchâteau Correctional Court for two men prosecuted for attempted extortion and attempted murder in Givry village in the municipality of Bertogne, Luxembourg Province.

On 17 March 2022, two armed, hooded men burst into the home of a Givry resident and demanded money. The homeowner, a man in his sixties, was beaten up and shot in the head but managed to escape and find refuge at his brother’s house. He then alerted the police.

“It was only after the victim underwent a CT scan that it was established that his life was not in danger," the Deputy Public Prosecutor told the court on Thursday. "The bullet either grazed or ricocheted off his forehead.”

The defendants are Didier Lambert-Joachim, who was sentenced in 2010 to 10 years’ imprisonment for murder, and his brother, who had worked on the ceiling of the victim’s home.

Evidence presented by the prosecution included prints found at the crime scene that match shoes found at the defendants’ home, telephone records, and a weapon with which Didier Lambert-Joachim had injured himself a few days before the Givry episode due to a handling error, according to doctors.

On Thursday, the public prosecutor’s office called for 18 years’ imprisonment with five years' probation for Didier Lambert-Joachim and a 12-year prison term for his brother.

The defence pleaded for acquittal with the benefit of the doubt, both defendants having denied any involvement in the events.

Judgement will be handed down on 11 October.

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