Car-free Sunday in Brussels: 'a great success' for Mobility Minister

Car-free Sunday in Brussels: 'a great success' for Mobility Minister
Credit: Belga

Brussels Mobility Minister, Elke Van den Brandt, has hailed the 23rd edition of the city’s car-free day a resounding success.

“The day went by without any major accidents”, Van den Brandt said in a statement. Public transportation network STIB was busy but not overloaded, partly due to reinforcements that had been scheduled.

According to the Green Party Minister, who took police reports into account, management of the main thoroughfares was effective, with people moving around smoothly.

There were a few insignificant squabbles, Van den Brandt conceded. However, on the whole, those who did drive in Brussels on Sunday were “predominantly in possession of one of the 15,500 exemptions” provided by the authorities.

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Another sign of success was the open day at the STIB depot in Haren, which attracted 2,750 visitors. “This shows once again that the people of Brussels love their STIB,” the Minister concluded.

She also expressed her desire to propose a car-free Sunday each month. “I have already proposed this to the mayors, starting with a second car-free day during the Iris Festival in May, but unfortunately, I have not yet managed to convince them. We will try again next year,” added Van den Brandt.

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