Belgian wife of Swiss jihadist could be repatriated by Switzerland
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Belgian wife of Swiss jihadist could be repatriated by Switzerland

Switzerland said it would repatriate all children of its Islamic State jihadist. Credit: © Belga

A Belgian woman who left for Syria and had children with a Swiss jihadist fighter there could return to Europe after Switzerland said it would repatriate children of Swiss jihadists and their mothers.

Yusra El Maliji, 28, left Belgium in 2014 with her three-year-old child, born from a separate union, to join the IS.

During her stay in Syria, El Maliji is said to have married a jihadist fighter, from whom she separated when he quit the terror group.

She subsequently married a Swiss jihadist with whom she had two children, according to La Libre.

The Swiss national, unidentified, was sufficiently high ranked so as to be in the know regarding the Paris attacks of 2015, with the daily reporting that he warned his sister, who was frequently in the French capital, that they were taking place.

An announcement by Swiss authorities that they were planning to repatriate all children of IS fighters held by Kurdish fighters in Syria, together with their mothers, could pave the way for her return to Belgium, the daily reports.

The French daily reports that there are no clues as to what penalties are planned for so-called IS wives.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times