Attempted break-in at Toby Alderweireld's home during Antwerp-Porto

Attempted break-in at Toby Alderweireld's home during Antwerp-Porto
Credit: Belga

Toby Alderweireld and his family were the victims of an attempted burglary on Wednesday night while the Royal Antwerp FC captain was playing in the Champions League match against FC Porto.

While Alderweireld was on the pitch, burglars attempted to break into his house. However, after the alarm went off, the thieves fled into the night.

The family’s babysitter heard strange noises in the garden around 22:30 and called the police. When they arrived at the scene, the burglars had already fled. They had tried to enter the house through a window but were deterred by the alarm.

In the process of escaping, they left their equipment in the garden.

Toby Alderweireld and his family filed a complaint with the police, who launched an investigation.

Footballers are more often the target of burglaries during their matches. Especially in England and Spain, there have been several robberies in recent years. Among others, current Anderlecht defender Jan Vertonghen was the victim of a (violent) burglary during his time at Tottenham in London.

Alderweireld and Antwerp lost 1-4 to FC Porto on Wednesday on the third match day of the Champions League group stage. The Great Old still have no points in the group after losing all three matches.

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