Racist and homophobic fans to be banned from Belgian football matches
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Racist and homophobic fans to be banned from Belgian football matches

The Belgian Pro-League will present on Wednesday its new action plan, which intends to put an end to discrimination at football matches. Credit: Needpix.

Racist and homophobic fans will be banned from attending Belgian football matches as part of a new action plan by the top Belgian football competition, the Pro-League.

Fans who make racist or homophobic comments, or sing discriminatory songs, will be banned from football matches immediately. They will only be able to return to the stadium concerned after taking a course.

By bringing in this measure, the Pro-League hopes to ban “all songs and statements that are discriminating and offensive,” writes Le Soir.

“After a series of incidents in recent years, [discriminatory] behaviour can no longer go unpunished,” a Pro-League spokesperson explained.

The action plan, which will be officially presented on Wednesday, contains a set of guidelines for professional clubs who will be held accountable for the behaviour of their fans.

The Pro-League hopes, however, that the guidelines will extend to amateur football clubs.

“At every offensive song that appears in the referee’s report of the football match, the clubs concerned will have to respond to it, without exception,” the spokesperson added.

Evie McCullough
The Brussels Times