The Netherlands to lower speed limit on motorways to 100km/h

The Netherlands to lower speed limit on motorways to 100km/h
Experts expect that the new speed limit will be violated massively. Credit: Wikipedia

The maximum speed on the motorways will be lowered from 130 to 100 km per hour in the Netherlands.

However, at night between 7:00 PM and 6:00 AM, driving 130 km per hours will still be allowed.

The reduction of the speed limit is the most important measure taken by the Dutch government against the nitrogen crisis. It is not yet clear what other measures the government will take. "It is a package of measures in a short period of time," said Dutch Prime Minister Rutte, reports VRT NWS. "A lot still has to happen," he added. In December, the Dutch government will announce a series of measures to reduce nitrogen

In December, the government will announce another series of measures to reduce nitrogen precipitation in protected natural areas in the long term. The Netherlands has been trying to find a solution for the excess of nitrogen in the air since 2015.

"Every year, 58 people per thousand kilometres of motorway are killed in our country, which is more than double the European average of 25," said Benoît Godart from Belgian traffic institute Vias, reports Het Laatste Nieuws.

"Limiting the maximum speed to 100 km per hour would save about ten lives per year and reduce the number of serious accidents by about 95. Since almost half of Belgian drivers do not respect the limit of 120 km per hour, a reduction would have to be accompanied by strict and regular checks. Otherwise, even fewer drivers will adhere to it," he added.

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