Belgium named one of the smartest countries in the world

Belgium named one of the smartest countries in the world
Belgium ranked in seventh place in the world's top ten smartest countries. Credit: Pxhere.

Belgium is the seventh smartest country in the world according to a list provided by The Spectator Index.

The list is based on three factors; the number of Nobel Prizes each country has won, the current IQ average in the country concerned and “education attainment,” meaning the potential intelligence of the next generation, Forbes explains.

Coming in 18th place in terms of the number of Nobel Peace prizes it has won, 15th place in the IQ average and 16th place in terms of future educational attainment, Belgium nabs seventh place overall in the list.

With high rankings in all three metrics, Japan comes in first place.

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Smartest countries in the world, 2019.

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Largely due to its 368 Nobel Prize victories, the US takes fourth place.

Switzerland, in second place overall, and the Netherlands, in fifth place overall, also come ahead of Belgium in the list.

Evie McCullough
The Brussels Times

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