European Commission illuminated with giant projection on Gaza crisis

European Commission illuminated with giant projection on Gaza crisis
Messages of peace were projected onto the European Commission HQ. Credit: Save the Children Europe

The headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels on Sunday night was illuminated with a giant projection calling for the protection of children in Gaza and an immediate ceasefire.

Emblazoning the Commission with the messages ‘Ceasefire Now’, ‘Stop the War on Children’ and ‘Choose Love Not War’, activists behind the stunt are urging the European Union to pull its weight behind calls for a ceasefire "to save millions of lives".

"Children are always the first to suffer in any conflict – and the stories continuing to come from Gaza are the stuff of nightmares. If we don’t act now, history will judge us all," said Save the Children Europe Director, Willy Bergogné.

Credit: Save the Children Europe

According to Save the Children, the messages seek to to jolt the European Union into action, and use the leverage of its diplomatic influence to press for an urgent ceasefire.

Human rights activists are also calling for safe unfettered access to humanitarian aid to support the 2.3 million people under siege in Gaza.

A Choose Love spokesperson also voiced their support of the stunt: "We stand with the message projected on the EU commission last night... There are so many of us feeling helpless as we witness this humanitarian catastrophe which is getting only more desperate."

Over the weekend, thousands of people joined a demonstration in solidarity with Palestine, while marches against the rise in antisemitism were organised in France.

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