Belgium risks electricity shortages in the event of a winter cold snap

Belgium risks electricity shortages in the event of a winter cold snap
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The Association of European Electricity System Operators, ENTSO-E, has issued a warning over the potential for electricity shortages in Belgium the event of adverse weather this winter.

The country could be at risk of a shortage of electricity this winter if faced with unfavourable circumstances, such as temperatures falling below -5°C, a lack of wind and unscheduled unavailability of nuclear power plants.

"The Belgian power system will depend on import for the winter 2019/2020 under severe conditions," said the report. "The import need could go up to 2 GW in January and February. Planned unavailability of nuclear power plants Doel 1, Doel 2 and Tihange 1, after Christmas, are the main driver for this import need," it added.

Under extreme conditions, Belgium would heavily rely on imports and, in some cases, on available out-of-market measures. In addition, tighter monitoring of system security would be required with the support of Regional Security Coordinators.

Under normal conditions, the pan-European adequacy analysis indicates no risk for supply shortage during system-wide peak moments. Adequacy risk is observed when the daily average temperature in that region drops to -5°C, which is nearly 10°C lower than the normal January temperature and rather unlikely in the region.

A similar concern was raised for France.

Jules Johnston

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