Flanders approves unmanned speed cameras in bicycle streets

Flanders approves unmanned speed cameras in bicycle streets
Credit: Belga/Jonas Roosens

Speeding violations in bicycle streets will soon be penalised thanks to unmanned, automatic devices such as speed cameras and average speed checks, Flemish Mobility Minister Lydia Peeters announced on Tuesday.

Bicycle streets are intended for cyclists to cycle easily and safely: while cars and other motorised traffic are still allowed to drive there, they are subordinate to bikes and are not allowed to overtake cyclists. The speed is limited to 30 km/h for all traffic – including the cyclists themselves.

"In recent years, many local authorities have set up cycling zones to give cyclists more space. Cycling is becoming more popular and it is my ambition to get even more people cycling in the coming years," said Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters.

"With this adjustment, we give local authorities and police zones more options to enforce the speed limit. This is good for road safety and to encourage bicycle use."

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Until now, violations of the 30 km/h speed limit within a cycling zone could only be detected by manned automatic devices, requiring police officers to detect violations and impose sanctions. But soon speeding violations will be detected with speed cameras or average speed checks, without the need for a police officer.

The technology is scheduled for spring 2024 once the draft decision has been approved by the Flemish Government. The law will then take effect ten days after its publication in the Belgian Official Gazette.

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