Farmers to protest in the European district on Thursday

Farmers to protest in the European district on Thursday
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Farmers from across Central and Eastern Europe will protest in the European district of Brussels on Thursday, calling for EU leaders to deliver on promises of fair CAP payments. 

On Thursday 12 December, over 50 farmers will travel from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia to Brussels, under the initiative of the Chamber of Agriculture of Lithuania. 

They will gather between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM, between Schuman Roundabout and Parc Cinquantenaire, coinciding with Thursday’s council summit. 

“Equal work deserves equal pay. We’re organising this protest to remind EU leaders that they promised to give a fairer share to farmers from Eastern Europe back in 2002,” said Arūnas Svitojus, President of the Chamber of Agriculture of Lithuania 

The farmers are calling on the heads of governments of EU Member States to deliver on promises made to them in 2002 of fairer payments under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

According to the Commission, the CAP aims to help provide a decent standard of living for European farmers and agricultural workers and a stable, varied and safe food supply for citizens. It also contributes to the EU’s priorities such as creating jobs and economic growth, tackling climate change and encouraging sustainable development. 

This is achieved through three inter-connected routes: income support for farmers (so-called “direct payments”); market measures, for example, to combat a sudden drop in prices, and rural development.

“While they’re still discussing budgets, we, the farmers, are still waiting,” added Svitojus.

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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