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Over 150 new speed cameras are coming to Wallonia in 2020

The province of Hainaut will receive the most speed cameras in 2020. Credit:

Over 150 new speed cameras will be installed in different locations across Wallonia in 2020.

The province of Hainaut will have the most new speed cameras, with 68 new installations. A total of 30 new speed cameras will be installed in Namur, 28 in both Luxembourg and Liège and 10 in Brabant-Wallon, writes Le Soir.

A total of 18 of these cameras will be equipped with special radars that encourage drivers to slow down over a longer period of time and are more effective when it comes to road safety, an issue the region wants to put a greater emphasis on.

“It is estimated that around one in three accidents is precisely due to an inappropriate or excessive speed. And Wallonia has an undeniable delay in this regard,” spokesperson for road safety and mobility at Vias, Benoît Godart, told RTBF Info.

“Currently, there are around 1,500 fixed speed cameras in Flanders and only 300 in Wallonia. The observation is that there are fewer accidents in Wallonia, but they are much more serious because they occur at higher speeds,” added Godart.

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By installing new speed cameras and emphasising road safety, Wallonia hopes to limit road deaths to 100 per year. In 2018, there were 207 road deaths in the region.

Evie McCullough
The Brussels Times