Police warn of spike in Polish phone call scams

Police warn of spike in Polish phone call scams
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Police in Flanders has warned “unsuspecting” phone users about scam phone calls made from a Polish number, urging them to ignore them.

The police zone of Beringen, near the German border, said that several people had recently reported receiving phone calls starting with the number combination +48 94.

The police zone said the number let the call last for a single ring, in order to have the recipient return the call.

? Momenteel worden heel wat mensen opgebeld met een nummer beginnend met +48 94 (uit Polen). Het nummer belt je 1 keer…

Posted by Politiezone Beringen/Ham/Tessenderlo on Thursday, December 19, 2019

“The number calls you one time, so usually you have a missed call — Don’t call back and block the number!” police warned in a Facebook post.

Calling back may result in users seeing their phone bill swell, as the call sees them connected to an expensive foreign number, the police warned.

“If you contact the Polish number again, check your consumption via your provider to ensure you are not being charged excessively,” the police said.

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