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Man (29) from Leuven dies after car collides with tree

The car was severely damaged from the crash. Credit: Lee Haywood/Flickr.

A man (29) died in the early hours of Friday morning after his car collided into a tree along Naamsesteenweg in Leuven.

The accident took place at around 2:45 AM. Minutes later, at around 3:00 AM, three cyclists called the police after they heard a loud crashing noise.

The 29-year-old man died instantly from the impact of the collision and his car was severely damaged.

The Leuven public prosecutor appointed a number of people to research the circumstances of the accident. A traffic expert concluded that the car had been travelling at high-speed and that no other vehicles were involved in the accident, HLN explains.

According to the public prosecutor, what was discovered at the scene of the crime points towards an act of desperation.

A tent was placed over the 29-year-old’s body and his family has since been informed.

Due to the accident, there have been some disruptions to traffic in the area.

Evie McCullough
The Brussels Times