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It probably won’t snow in Brussels this Christmas

Credit: Pexels

Any Brussels residents dreaming of a white Christmas will likely be in for a disappointment this year, according to the midday MRI forecast on Monday.

On Monday evening and during the first part of the night, a local shower will still be possible, but the weather will mostly remain dry with clear skies and cloudy fields.

In the second part of the night, the sky will become very cloudy from the French border and rains will finally reach the territory from the coast. Minimum temperatures will be reached in the evening and will be between 3° or 4° in the Ardennes and 7° at the coast.

On the morning of Christmas eve, the rain zone will leave the country from the east, followed mixed weather with regular showers. Gusts will still reach locally 70 or 80 km/h, with maximums of 7° to 11°. The evening will generally be calmer.

By 25 December, some residual showers will reappear in the morning, followed by dry weather, with maxima of 2° to 8°.

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times