New Mechelen restaurant lets customers choose how much they pay

New Mechelen restaurant lets customers choose how much they pay
Credit: Het Anker

A new restaurant concept by Mechelen brewery Het Anker will allow customers to choose for themselves how much they pay for a meal.

Aiming to open in autumn 2020, the project is a new life for the former brasserie "Thien Gheboden" at the foot of the Sint-Romboutstoren, which will play host to the project. 

Het Anker brewery - perhaps best known for the Gouden Carolus beers - wants the initiative to be self-sustaining, meaning it will rely on some customers who are willing to give more, to compensate for those who have less.

"It is a normal restaurant, but with a discreet social element, not a charity," William Leclef of Het Anker told the Brussels Times. "The idea is that people love to go out to eat, but not everyone can do it. By changing a few things, we can create a place where everyone can go out for a night." 

"We are confident that if you trust people, it brings out the good in them. If you trust them, I'm sure we can reach a median payment," Leclef added. 

The initiative is based on the idea that people can pay what they can for meals, Leclef explained. The only items which will be priced are the drinks, according to reports. 

Het Anker is currently looking for a manager for the venture "with a sense of enterprise to put their backs into the project together".

"We want to breathe new life into the brasserie: it has to be a place where everyone can and wants to come," explained Charles Leclef.

Jules Johnston

The Brussels Times

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