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Brexit: US wants a UK trade agreement within 2020

Credit: pikrepo/creativecommons

The United States hopes to conclude “this year” a trade agreement with the United Kingdom in the wake of Brexit, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Thursday in Davos.

This agreement “is a top priority for President Trump and we plan to conclude it with them this year, which we believe will be good for them and good for us,” he said, referring to the British on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum.

“There are fewer problems between the United Kingdom and the United States than between the United Kingdom and the European Union (…) our economies are quite similar. Both are very heavily service-oriented, with an abundance of financial services, and there is already a high degree of integration and coordination. So it should be easier,” U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross added, speaking at the same press conference.

After concluding a trade truce with China and signing a free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, US President Donald Trump, who regularly praises his ability to make “deals”, intends to continue at a sustained pace.

He said in Davos on Wednesday that he also hoped for a trade agreement with the European Union before the November elections.

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