Anonymous CVs reduce unconscious bias, say experts

Anonymous CVs reduce unconscious bias, say experts
Credit: Belga

Hiring based on anonymous CVs helps eradicate unconscious bias and creates a fairer job market, reveals staffing company Accent on Monday.

A year after implementing open-minded hiring, 70% of participating firms deem this mode of recruitment positive.

In this scheme, Accent employees recruit profiles following company-provided criteria, presenting candidates to employers with anonymous CVs.

A research survey, encompassing 365 firms assessing their experiences, found companies recruited 40% more candidates who they may not have selected previously, due notably to their nationality or unconventional career paths.

However, 22% of surveyed companies prefer not to move away from the traditional CV.

Project results outperformed expectations, shares Accent CEO Anouk Lagae. “Even a recruiter who claims to have no biases has biases somewhere,” she explains. "We aim to eradicate them as much as possible through open-minded hiring. If we convince even one decision-maker to look beyond the CV, we will have met our goal."

The talent placement agency believes the job market situation is too precarious to reject applicants prematurely based on traits not necessarily affecting the quality of their work.

Accent indicates that this process will continue to be an integral part of its operations in the future.

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