Proximus announces 5G trial at the Port of Antwerp

Proximus announces 5G trial at the Port of Antwerp
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Proximus announced plans to develop and test a 5G network at the Port of Antwerp, on Wednesday.

The telecommunications company is the second operator, after Orange, to do so.

Under the “De Digitale Schelde” project between Proximus and the port, Proximus will develop a private 5G network that can be “an engine of innovation and digital transformation for the port of Antwerp,” it announced on Wednesday.

On this network, the two partners will test and evaluate 5G’s potential for various industrial applications during a six-month pilot phase.

Proximus explained that it would “invest in the physical development of a network through which 5G potential for value creation can be evaluated” while “the Port of Antwerp will focus on the concrete development of use cases that can be tested on the 5G network.”

“In this process, the company will be able to count on the extensive support and consultancy services of Proximus,” it added.

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