Brussels University hit by unidentified cyberattack

Brussels University hit by unidentified cyberattack
Illustration picture shows the Erasme hospital (the hospital of ULB Free University of Brussels), Tuesday 10 April 2018, in Anderlecht, Brussels. © BELGA/THIERRY ROGE

The Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) is still recovering after being hit by a cyberattack last week, with its website and online services still down on Tuesday.

The ULB said it was progressively putting its servers and online platforms back online after shutting them down as a precautionary measure after its servers were struck on Wednesday.

An investigation is ongoing after the Francophone university filed a complaint with the federal police's Computer Crime Unit, with the probe set to determine whether any important data was stolen.

While the university had initially thought they had been hit by a ransomware attack, the ULB's communications department director, Isabelle Pollet, said that no ransom had been demanded, L'Echo reports.

The university was hit by the attack in the middle of the winter holiday break, with spokesperson Nicolas Dassonville saying that classes on Monday, the first day back from the holidays, were being given normally.

The university's website remained inaccessible on Tuesday morning, with Dassonville saying that the online university and mailing services were also affected by the attack, whose origins had not yet been determined.

"We take this attack very seriously and we are working to bolster, as much as possible, the IT structure of our servers," Dassonville told BX1, adding that the investigation would also seek to determine who was behind the attack.

Gabriela Galindo

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