Belgium to send €100 million in aid for Ukraine's fighter jet maintenance

Belgium to send €100 million in aid for Ukraine's fighter jet maintenance
Credit: Belga

The Belgian Government has approved a 25th military aid plan for Ukraine, Defence Minister Ludivine Dedonder announced on Friday.

This plan entails a €100 million commitment towards maintaining the F-16 fleet which which is currently being set up in Ukraine.

Belgium is among 13 coalition member countries piloting the F-16 initiative under the leadership of the Netherlands, Denmark, and the United States.

"Belgium pledged its commitment to this coalition from the outset," the minister recalled in a press statement.

Not only has the training of Ukrainian technicians for operational maintenance of the F-16 fleet commenced, but involvement with training and preparations of future pilots of this high-performance, high-technology capacity is also ongoing in Denmark.

Both Belgium and its defence sector will continue their support for Ukraine in its struggle to reclaim its territory and protect its population.

This October, during the unexpected Brussels visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the Belgian government also pledged to transfer Belgian F-16s to Ukraine next year.

This decision, however, will need to be confirmed by the government in power at the time.

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