Diesel and petrol to become cheaper on Wednesday

Diesel and petrol to become cheaper on Wednesday
The price drops are "quite unique." Credit: Belga

Diesel and petrol will become cheaper again on Wednesday, according to the FPS Economy.

The maximum price of a litre of petrol 95 (E10) will drop 11.4 cents per litre, to €1.3/litre. Diesel (B7) will also drop 9.4 cents, to a maximum price of €1.345/litre.

The maximum price of petrol 98 (E5) drops 12.5 cents per litre to €1.3740/litre, meaning that filling up a tank of 50 litres, people can save up to €6.25 on Wednesday. For petrol 95, a tank of 50 litres will be €5.7 cheaper, for diesel, it is €4.7.

The large price reductions are "quite unique," according to the Belgium Petroleum Federation, reports Het Laatste Nieuws.

Domestic fuel oil is also becoming cheaper. For an order of 2,000 litres or more, the maximum price drops 5.15 cents to €0.4550/litre, a historically low price, according to the FPS.

The reason for the decline is the lower price of oil products or bio components on the international markets.

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