Ostend-Brussels train stopped for hours after emergency brake pulled for no reason

Ostend-Brussels train stopped for hours after emergency brake pulled for no reason
Credit: Belga

A train with a thousand passengers on board going from Ostend to Brussels suddenly stopped Sunday evening after people had pulled the emergency brake, reported De Standaard. There was no apparent reason for why they pulled the brake, and the train could first leave after an hour.

"There was quickly a suspicion of malicious intent," said Dimitri Temmerman from Belgium's national railway company Sunday evening. "Police are conducting the investigation and we will of course provide our full cooperation. If it is proven that the train stopped due to malicious intent, that is a serious crime," Temmerman added.

Younger people are the suspects

Further information was released by the police on Monday. "There were about 70 young people on the train who were on their way from the coast to Brussels," said spokesperson An Berger on Radio 1.

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'In Merelbeke someone pulled the emergency brake, causing the train to come to a stop," Berger continued. "Afterwards, a number of young people got off the train and started walking on the tracks."

"In the end things calmed down and the train was able to leave for Brussels. On arrival at South Station, the railway police checked the young people and drew up an official report. The prosecutor's office is now following up the case," said Berger.

Temmerman reported that the train stood for an hour but added that the company distributed water to the passengers once they arrived at Brussels-South station.

"We regret the inconvenience this incident has caused to our travellers," Temmerman said.

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