Brussels stops evictions during shutdown

Brussels stops evictions during shutdown
Brussels minister-president Rudi Vervoort © Belga

The Brussels regional government has issued a police order to stop all evictions in the region until at least April 3, minister-president Rudi Vervoort said.

The measure is an automatic suspension of all legal and administrative procedures where a possible eviction is concerned. It also stops any action by creditors against the assets of a person in debt.

Given the rapid spread of the coronavirus epidemic, and as a protection of the health of the people of Brussels, it is essential to prevent people from being put out of their homes, and without any structural solution being found, to simply put them out on the streets,” said regional secretary of state for housing Nawal Ben Hamou (PS).

The embargo on evictions will last until April 3 in the first instance, with the possibility of being extended if the situation demands, Vervoort said.

An embargo on evictions during this period is one of the necessary measures we are forced to take today,” he said.

“My government will do all it can, now and in the days to come, to protect all of the people of Brussels.”

Meanwhile the region’s water provider Vivaqua has said it is suspending all actions to stop water delivery to customers in payment arrears for the duration of the shutdown.

The action is being taken “so that everyone is able to practice elementary hygiene,” the company said.

Vivaqua will also limit its work to emergency cases, while its offices can only be contacted by phone or by email.

Vivaqua is following the situation from day to day, and can adapt its decisions if necessary,” said director-general Laurence Bovy.

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