150 people volunteer as medical reservists in Brussels

150 people volunteer as medical reservists in Brussels
Credit: Belga

150 people in Brussels had already volunteered as medical reservists a little over 24 hours after Iriscare (Brussels health administration) launched an appeal on Friday evening. 

Iriscare’s spokesman Sven Heyndrickx explained the appeal is mainly aimed at people who have a medical background: students, former doctors or nurses etc.

“If required, if there are more patients than staff can cope with for example, they could be called up to provide reinforcements for the healthcare teams working for the Iris network in Brussels.” 

Volunteers can register by providing their contact details via a form that is accessible on the Iriscare website.

Authorised institutions and Cocom (French Community Commission) subsidised institutions that need reinforcements can contact those that have registered directly. 

Brussels healthcare institutions currently have enough staff, but the predicted increase in the number of Coronavirus cases will increase pressure on hospitals over the next few days.  

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