Brussels man receives a corona fine for the 14th time

Brussels man receives a corona fine for the 14th time
Muntpunt, the Flemish public library complex on the Place de la Monnaie in Brussels.

A 19-year-old Brussels man is to appear in court next month accused of ignoring the rules of confinement, after receiving his 14th police fine since the measures were introduced just over a month ago.

In the latest incident, the youth was spotted by police sitting with a friend on the steps of the Muntpunt public library in the centre of Brussels, in clear breach of the rules on staying at home and social distancing.

When the identities of the two were checked, both were found to be previous offenders, and when they were taken to the nearby police headquarters by the Grand Place, one was found to have been fined 13 times already.

The youth was reported to the prosecutor’s office, and given a date to appear in court, on 8 May in the Justice Palace in Brussels.

Under the lockdown rules, police may issue a fine notice which the offender can pay voluntarily. If not, they will be prosecuted. Prosecutors’ offices across the country expect the total amount of fines collected to pass one million euros next week.

His companion was given a second fine for breach of the rules, and another for possession of drugs. He had been caught in the police check in the process of smoking a joint.

Alan Hope

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