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Coronavirus: over half of Brussels hotels remain closed

Over half of the hotels in Brussels remain closed, according to the Brussels Hotels Association. Credit: Belga

Over half of the hotels in Brussels remain closed, the Brussels Hotels Association told Belga News Agency.

Among those hotels that are open, there is an average occupancy rate of only 3.9%.  During the same period last year, Brussels hotels’ occupancy rate was 81.7%. 

While Belgium’s borders are open again to many countries, tourists and business people still stay away. Expectations for the summer also remain very low. 

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In an optimistic scenario, an occupancy rate of a mere 15% is expected during the summer months, and for the end of the year, hotels are expected to have a maximum occupancy of 25 to 30%.

Several hotels have already made the decision not to reopen until September or later.

The Brussels Times