Brussels sees a 70% drop of polluting vehicles

Brussels sees a 70% drop of polluting vehicles
Credit: Belga

The number of very polluting vehicles circulating in Brussels dropped by 70% in 2019, Bruxelles Environnement writes in its annual report.

Since January 2019, diesel vehicles with a Euro 2 standard and petrol vehicles with a Euro 1 standard no longer have access to the Brussels Capital Region's Low Emission Zone (LEZ). The first fines were sent in April 2019.

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These restrictions have led to a clear reduction in emissions of pollutants that are harmful to health, according to Bruxelles Environnement. Polluting emissions from engines are reportedly responsible for 75,000 premature deaths each year.

To ensure that the Brussels Region meets its environmental objectives by 2050, Bruxelles Environnement is also trying to better insulate buildings, make consumers aware of energy consumption and support businesses.

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