Vigil for the undocumented held in Brussels

Vigil for the undocumented held in Brussels
Credit: Belga

About 400 people took part in a Saturday-night vigil on the issue of regularising the status of undocumented persons at the Place Albertine in Brussels, according to the organisers.

The Brussels-Ixelles Police confirmed that about 100 persons were present at the start of the vigil at 6:30 PM, and that the event was allowed to continue until at least 11.30 PM.

“Not a word was said for undocumented persons during the many National Security Council sessions,” said Serge Bagamboula, spokesman of the Coordination des sans-papiers (Coordination of Undocumented Persons), the movement that organised the event.

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“The only rights we have are access to health and to education for the children, but who can live with just these two rights?” Bagamboula noted.

“We’ve lost all dignity by stopping at that. People would like to work, to make themselves useful, for themselves, for the countries they come from, for the countries that take them in.”

The group is calling for the situation of undocumented persons to be regularised and for them to be integrated into Belgian rule of law.

It also highlighted the exploitation of undocumented persons and a number of distress situations it described as unbearable and inhuman.

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