More cyclists on Brussels roads sees spike in demand for secure parking

More cyclists on Brussels roads sees spike in demand for secure parking

The significant increase in cyclists in Brussels has seen a spike in demand for secure bicycle parking spots, according to CycloParking, a non-profit organisation that manages and develops secure bicycle parking in Brussels.

The number of cyclists in Brussels has increased by 75% compared to last year, New Mobility reports, and the number of bike thefts has increased along with it.

“Many Brussels citizens want to invest in a bicycle and unfortunately have no place to put it. This hinders our transition to cycling,” said Brussels Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brandt.

“We are, therefore, working to offer a range of parking solutions to the people of Brussels. More bicycle racks in the streets, more bicycle boxes, and small closed parking lots in the heart of the districts,” she said.

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There is an “increasingly pressing need” for bike parking with access control, said Pierre Vassart, spokesperson for

Vassart mentioned “a need to diversify the offer” in light of the large number of requests coming in.

Brussels offers plenty of space for such parkings, according to the spokesperson. “In the Brussels Region, there are vacant premises that do not offer any particular functions,” he said.

“Whether they are unoccupied homes, empty shops, or premises with no function, there is a real opportunity” to use these places as bicycle parking facilities.

Over 6,000 requests for secure bicycle parking spots are pending, according to CycloParking.

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times

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