Brussels: Protesters demonstrate against 5-G

Brussels: Protesters demonstrate against 5-G
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Dozens of activists organised stands on the esplanade outside the main train station in Brussels to inform the public on the impact of 5G telecommunications networks, which they view as negative.

The new technology is dangerous to health and the environment, they said.

The event was organised at the Carrefour de l’Europe, outside the Brussels Central Train Station, by the Collectif coalition, which opposes the destruction of nature and the wasting of resources, and favours protecting health and preserving the world’s climate.

Launching the latest Generation of mobile phones, which would provide users with faster Internet connections, is “useless and dangerous,” according to the Collectif

“The 5G project will change our society completely. There will be talk of self-driving vehicles, taps connected by 5G, fridges connected by 5G,” the Collectif’s Facebook administrator, Manuel Baré, told Belga News Agency. “All that is supposed to bring a certain comfort to the population, but in actual fact, it will cause much bigger problems, particularly privacy violations,” he said at the meeting.

“Moreover, there are huge health concerns since thousands of studies prove that electromagnetic waves are harmful, and we risk saturating the atmosphere,” Baré noted.

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