Truckers join in court action against ‘illegal’ cycle lanes

Truckers join in court action against ‘illegal’ cycle lanes
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The Union of Transport and Logistics Professionals (UPTR) is to join in a court action brought by a non-profit representing car drivers which will today file suit seeking an injunction against cycle lanes in the Brussels-Capital Region introduced at the end of the lockdown.

The new cycle paths were intended to provide more space for cyclists at a time when cycling was increasing in popularity – which it still is – and there were fewer cars on the road as a result of teleworking.

But a group calling itself Mauto Défense has sought legal action, and plans to file suit today asking a court to grant an injunction against those cycle lanes it considers were installed illegally.

Since the corona crisis, mobility in Brussels has mainly focused on cyclists, at the expense of motorists,” Lucien Beckers, one of the founders of the group, told Bruzz.

Many cycle paths were created without consultation or without a permit. That also causes damage.”

He was unable to say which cycle paths will be targetted, or how many.

In any case it will be all cycle paths that were built illegally. My lawyer knows which cycle paths are involved.”

Now the transport industry has joined in the effort, and will seek the court’s permission to join the case of Mauto Défense. “Brussels mobility policy currently looks like Magritte's paintings: surreal,” a representative told La Dernière Heure.

The organisation cited the example of the Avenue Sylvain Dupuis in Anderlecht.

It is astounding that no one has seriously considered that supplying a shopping centre the size of the Westland Shopping Centre necessarily involves a lot of transport and that the supply can only be realised by truck,” explained Michaël Reul, secretary-general of the organisation.

Rather than dividing road users, we advocate that the regional authorities responsible for mobility take an inclusive and coordinated approach.”

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