The world’s longest press conference on climate kicks off online

The world’s longest press conference on climate kicks off online

The world’s longest press conference, set to last 24 hours, kicked off last night at 11:00 PM Belgium time, marking the start of the first-ever press conference held consecutively in multiple locations around the globe.

At the initiative of Press Club Brussels Europe, on 23 October the online event “24 Hours for Climate” will present positive actions and innovative solutions to meet global climate challenges. The press club has invited more than 100 press clubs around the world, representing a membership of over 20,000 journalists, to join the World Press Clubs Alliance for Climate.

Press Club Brussels Europe was elected to the presidency of the International Press Clubs Association in 2018. "This is a unique opportunity to promote the European Union as the world leader on climate action and to showcase its capital Brussels as an international hub of climate communication," said press club director Laurent Brihay.

The press conference is on its website and social networks non-stop in 24 time zones, from 10:00 AM in New Zealand (UTC+13) to 10:00 PM in Brussels (UTC+2). The kick-off took place with EU officials at the Press Club Brussels Europe just before midnight the previous day.

The first press conference was held at 10:00 AM local time in New Zealand. One hour later, Vanuatu took over with a press conference from Port-Villa. From there, press conferences follow in different time zones all along the 23 October at Press Clubs in Canberra, Tokyo, Seoul and many more of a global network of 120+ press clubs, ending at 10:00 PM (UTC+2) in Brussels.

The event, dedicated to sharing knowledge and best practices at the global level, is supported by the European Commission and the Brussels-Capital Region. Innovative projects in every field of activity related to climate and ecological transition will be presented: mobility, energy,agriculture, waste management and reduction, biodiversity, circular and collaborative economy, etc.

Among the many projects to be showcased are ecotourism in the Pacific, saving the Aral Sea, viniculture with drip irrigation in Israel's desert, biodiversity in Africa, renewable energies, and the implementation of the European Green Deal.  The European Commission is showing EU projects in 8 countries across Africa. Everyone interested in promising solutions for the future of our planet is invited to tune in during the 24 Hours for Climate.

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