Auderghem opens Covid-19 testing centre in former police station

Auderghem opens Covid-19 testing centre in former police station
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The Brussels commune of Auderghem will open a new coronavirus testing centre in a former police station 9 November, various news sources announced.

The commune decided on its own initiative to use the old police station at Rue Emile Idiers 12.

Auderghem has the agreement of The Brussels government but receives no subsidies from the Region, the commune’s mayor Didier Gosuin said according to Bx1.

The centre will partner up with Eurofins, a private laboratory situated in Kortrijk, Bruzz reports.

The new facility will mainly be for residents of Auderghem, but others will also be able to take a test there. Both an appointment (through this website, or by calling 0800/35.179) and a doctor’s prescription will be required, according to Bruzz.

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“We have two nurses every weekday to handle the permanent service, good for about 70 tests a day,” Gosuin said.

For now, the centre will be open from Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, though these hours may be expanded on according to the mayor.

The goal of the new centre is to counter the lack of testing centres in the south of Brussels, RTBF and Bx1 wrote.

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