Speculoos made Brussels cultural heritage

Speculoos made Brussels cultural heritage
Credit: Belga

Brussels Secretary of State for Heritage Pascal Smet has recognised speculoos as cultural heritage.

Brussels biscuit manufacturer Maison Dandoy and the non-profit organisation Tartine et Boterham made the request to introduce speculoos as intangible cultural heritage.

The timing of Smet’s announcement is apt, as Sinterklaas (6 December) is fast approaching, a holiday in Belgium that always goes hand in hand with speculoos. The tradition of eating speculoos on Sinterklaas dates back to the 18th century, according to a press release.

“Speculoos is our heritage. You don’t touch that. I would like to thank Maison Dandoy and the artisans for defending the history and craftsmanship of our caramelised biscuits with conviction,” Smet said.

“In this way, the biscuit is protected and valued forever,” he underlined, adding that “the product will now also be included in the promotion of Brussels abroad.”

In addition to Maison Dandoy, some thirty artisan biscuit makers continue to manufacture their caramelised biscuits in Brussels, the press release said.

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times

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