Brussels will uncover part of buried Senne river

Brussels will uncover part of buried Senne river
The Maximilian park in Brussels. Credit: Tram Bruxelles // CC BY-SA 4.0

Around 650 metres of Brussels’ buried Senne river will be brought above ground again in a few years’ time, Brussels Environment announced on Tuesday.

The river, which became extremely polluted, was covered up in the 19th century.

The uncovering of the Senne is the core part of a project known as 'Max by the Senne' to redesign nearly 10 hectares of public space between the inner ring road and the Béco basin, where the Maximilian park is located.

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“The aim is to restore this river to its rightful place in the city, while improving the quality of its water and thus its biodiversity,” Brussels Environment said in a press release.

Some thirty citizens participated in the selection of the winning project, Brussels Environment said, and the people of Brussels will be invited to design the future of the site as, while the broad outline of the works has been decided on, the details have not.

"The Max-sur-Senne project is a piece of resilient city that will be built" with the people of Brussels, said regional Environment Minister Alain Maron.

The project, set to start in the summer of 2023, includes breaking down the heliport pavillion and the replanting and cutting of trees. It is scheduled to take two years and will cost around €20 million, according to Brussels Environment.

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