Calm Christmas Eve for Brussels police

Calm Christmas Eve for Brussels police
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Brussels experienced a calm Christmas Eve without any major incidents according to the various local police departments.

Only police from Brussels Capital Ixelles zone had to intervene for two Christmas celebrations where there were too many people.

"In Ixelles, 11 people were found in an apartment at 1:30 AM after someone called police for noise. When the police came to the scene and rang, a person fled to the basement, but was found," Olivier Slosse, police spokesperson for the area, said. "In Brussels, five people were found in an Airbnb at 3:00 AM. The police intervened after a noise complaint."

Some fines were also filed for people violating the curfew.

Otherwise it was largely calm for the police zones of Brussel-North, Brussels-South, Brussels-West and Marlow (Uccle/Auderghem/Watermael-Boitsfort). There were no significant interventions, coronavirus measure violations, or calls for fireworks.

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