Brussels city council backs kilometre-based city toll

Brussels city council backs kilometre-based city toll
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On Monday evening, the Municipal Council of the City of Brussels adopted a motion of support for the regional government’s kilometre tax project.

The controversial tax, which both Flanders and Wallonia have voiced criticism against, would tax drivers a fixed toll per car, supplemented by an additional charge per kilometre.

The motion adopted by the majority of the municipal council explicitly supports the government of the Brussels Region in its approach to reforming car taxation.

The municipal council asked the Region to ensure that the reform does not have a negative social impact on families, and to continue its efforts to considerably improve investment in alternatives to the car.

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The Regional government was also asked to pay particular attention to the economic impact of the reform; to continue the dialogue with the social partners; and, using the project voted by the Brussels government as a basis for discussion, to continue “active, positive and constructive consultation with the federated entities with a view to reaching an agreement on a kilometre rate applicable to the entire metropolitan area or the entire national territory.”

A final wish addressed to the regional government is that, during this consultation, attention should be paid to a model for calculating the rate “refined and as fair as possible.”

In the opposition, the francophone liberal party (MR), the Workers’ Party (PTB) and the right-wing N-VA voted against, and the francophone Christian democrats (cdH) abstained.

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