Brussels mobility promises better bike parking by 2030

Brussels mobility promises better bike parking by 2030
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Brussels plans to create new bicycle parking spaces by 2030, according to a plan presented by Mobility Minister, Elke Van den Brandt.

Brussels' ‘Masterplan Bike Parking’ includes a major investment in more qualitative and secure bicycle parking spaces.

The parking spaces would mainly be located next to train, bus and metro stations, as well as off the road via a different route, including the operation of neighbourhood car parks by

"Many Brussels residents want to buy a bicycle but don't do so because they don't have a safe place to park it. That is a pity because cycling is not only good for the cyclist's health but also for traffic jams and the air quality in our region," explained Van den Brandt.

"With the 'Masterplan Bicycle Parking' we can work on different fronts simultaneously: providing bicycle parking places at multimodal transport hubs, transforming empty buildings and car parks, increasing the number of bicycle boxes, systematically providing bicycle stands, exchanging garages between neighbours to park bicycles, but also providing clear information and signposting about the offer," she added.

The GoodMove regional mobility plan aims to have more than 10% of journeys related to Brussels (within the region and incoming and outgoing traffic) by bicycle by 2030 and more than 15% for journeys shorter than 5 km.

According to the initiators of the plan, bicycle shelters in the city have to become more attractive and accessible and tariffs should be harmonized newmobility reports.

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Correction: This story has been updated to remove a reference to a number of spaces, and to add comments from Elke Van den Brandt on the scheme. 

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