Brussels residents can already print a vaccination certificate

Brussels residents can already print a vaccination certificate
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Residents of the Brussels region can now print a copy of a certificate of vaccination, while the planned European Digital Green Certificate is still in preparation.

Via the Brussels Health Network website, anyone who has been vaccinated in the last 48 hours can print a document in English, Dutch or French (or all three) to show when and with what they have been vaccinated.

The document also shows the results of any Covid tests taken, where relevant.

While a paper document can be printed, the relevant document can also be saved as a PDF for transfer to a portable device. Registration on the site is necessary, using an eID card or the ItsMe app.

The fact that this Covid vaccination overview is available to Brussels residents is the result of collaboration with many parties including doctors, volunteers and technical partners, at all levels,” said Christine de Bray, director of the Brussels Health Network.

That gave us the opportunity to develop the document urgently so that the data could be quickly recorded and then made accessible to the public.”

The health network was joined in the project by two organisations for the digitisation of medical details, as well as the Joint Community Commission (Cocom) that joins the French- and Dutch-speaking sides.

By working together and reporting potential errors to the Cocom, we were able to ensure that we could make the necessary corrections,” Bray said.

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