Youth for Climate remobilises in the run-up to COP26

Youth for Climate remobilises in the run-up to COP26
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Various Youth for Climate groups will resume operations in Belgium from September following a long hiatus due to the pandemic.

The first assembly will take place on 10 September, with others following ahead of November’s COP26 summit (Climate Change Conference) in Glasgow. “We have decided to restart our demonstrations now in the hope of resuming our weekly actions,” Adélaïde Charlier, Youth for Climate co-founder, confirmed on Tuesday.

The first demonstration will take place on 10 September in Brussels and participants from neighbouring countries will also be invited to attend by bicycle. “The aim is to remobilise but with a particular focus on transport,” the young activist explained.

Two weeks later, a student strike is planned for 24 September in Brussels. Further information about this event will be published in the coming days. “We hope to resume our weekly demonstrations, but the primary aim is to build up to a crescendo for the COP26,” explained Charlier, herself from Namur.

Finally, a mass march has already been announced for 10 October that will bring together various climate groups under the Climate Coalition banner. Along with numerous non-governmental climate organisations that will be present, organisers hope that as many citizens as possible will also participate.

“Because of the public health situation we can’t yet be 100% certain on practical details,” explained Nicolas Van Nuffel, president of the Climate Coalition. “We hope to organise a large march but in case confinement restrictions are re-introduced we will encourage participants to turn towards alternative forms of expression.”

More precise information regarding this event should be published in September. Various demonstrations will be scheduled leading up to COP26, which will take place in Glasgow between 31 October and 12 November. Many young Belgians have already confirmed their participation at this international event, which is seen by activists as essential to the wider conversation surrounding climate change.

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